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Citrus Nursing Center nurse with a happy male elderly resident

My dad has been at this nursing home. Just like any daughter or son and patient are nervous about it. Since he arrive all staff made welcomed him well and made his stay super easy and comfortable. Any concerns or questions they always get answered with a fast timing. My dad left the first time very grateful for everyone and even made friends. Second time he had surgery and had to go there for a couple of weeks. He wanted to come back to this nursing home and with the grace of God he was able to. All staff remembered him and made him feel comfortable once again. He left the nursing home yesterday and let me tell you he didn’t want to leave. lol He made sure we gave this place good reviews and 5 stars. He is thankful for all the staff and residents. I hope he can stay as healthy and God protects him but if he ever needs to go to a rehab with no hesitation we will sign him to citrus nursing home once again.

Yesi R.

5-star, Google Review

My mom has been in CNC for a little over a month now and our experience so far has been very good. I believe the success of a patient is based on the attitude of all involved and so far I have the highest regard for all of the staff from leadership down to the CNA’s in my mom’s care. She’s pretty stubborn and if they can make her comfortable and reasonably happy, we’re good. Obviously, this is not a 5 star hotel so comments such as poor food, cleanliness, treatment have to be taken with a grain of salt but again, I’m pleased with what’s been happening so far. Thank you Citrus Nursing Center team for doing what you do well.

Michael J.

5-star, Yelp Review

I will highly recommend this place. The staff are friendly and if you had a complain the Administrator act right away. The Physical Therapy is highly recommended too. I can’t even move my half of my left arm and leg When I was admitted. I can’t even stand. Three staff is help to stand and go to bathroom/ wheelchair. Now I can walk with my walker and can stand by myself with the help of the Physical Therapist. Thanks to them.You can say that the staff are perfect there’s no perfect in this world but I can say this CITRUS NURSING CENTER US HIGHLY RECOMMENDED. To all staff and to the Administrator Thank you very much.

Maria C.

Yelp Review

My mom has been there for several weeks now. They have taken good care of her. Any time we have a complaint, it’s addressed quickly. My mother has been given physical therapy regularly and is improving quickly after an infection made her extremely weak. The reviews scared me but we have had a good experience with my mom so far. They are going to get her home soon.

Tawny W.

5-star, Google Review

Citrus felt like home right away. The people here really care about you. Like any facility you know your good nurses from your bad ones. At citrus I was able to go out In the halls to talk to everyone, I was able to go to the stores, I participated in activities like bingo and bowling and much more. Since covid started, all of that is on pause now. Things are different but I hope it’s temporary. The facility itself is very clean and organized. As for the food, it’s not going to be the greatest but it is definitely edible! Out of my whole experience and 5 years here I’d have to say I would definitely recommend.. no one’s perfect but this is the closest you’d get to it.

Juana P.

Google Review

My Husband has been in 3 nursing homes in the last year and this one has been the best experience so far. I was very upset because I would not be able to visit him but the staff always made an effort to FaceTime me so that I knew how he was doing. My husband is an super picky eater and the kitchen always made sure he was satisfied. (As much as could be expected) I was able to drop off some of his favorite snacks and his Diet Coke and he was very pleased with that. I highly recommend this nursing home and I am so grateful for the care that they provided my husband.

Claire H.

Google Review

I recently visited Citrus Nursing Center to visit a family member thats was admitted to the facility. I was pleasantly surprised with the facility. I was greeted warmly by the staff and felt reassured that my family member would be taken care of. The facility looked to be in good condition and I was pleasantly surprised. The only negative thing I can say is that the parking situation seems to need a little bit of help. Overall impressed with my experience of Citrus Nursing facility.

Tanner P.

Yelp Review

Citrus Nursing Center’s administrator is friendly and actually takes time to talk to the patients and make sure their stay here is the best that it can be. The building is down the street from the hospital and there are several restaurants close by to Citrus so it comes in handy if you and your family are craving something besides hospital food. I see that there are some negative comments on here but they all seem to be from over 6 months ago. I’m not sure what changed but I’ve only had positive experiences here with the staff!!

Alora R.

Yelp Review

I recently got a tour at Citrus Nursing Center and I was immediately greeted by the friendly staff. If you are looking for a place for your loved one who needs therapy or any skilled need I would recommend this place. Staff is great, very clean, a lot of activity happening amongst patients and nursing staff, and overall seems like they care about the patients here. Compared to the other places I toured this was definitely one of the best! & let’s not forget that the rating of the facility by the state is very important, Citrus is rated 5 stars over all so that made my decision a lot easier.

Yessika D.

Yelp Review

My grandma was a patient here at citrus and unfortunately it was around the time citrus got covid thankfully my grandma recovered and is feeling a lot better.. the staff was very good with keeping me in the loop.. I knew when she had good days and bad days. My grandma has no complaints the staff did what they could and I couldn’t be more grateful.

Kaitlyn B.

Yelp Review

My mentally and physically handicapped son recently spent two weeks in this facility to get rehab for a broken hip. I was with him daily for several hours. It is not the Hilton, but the best place to recover I have come across in my 82 years. I would highly recommend it. The staff is dedicated and friendly to everybody. The place is light and clean, the meals are appetizing. I am grateful for the good care my son received. As I mentioned before I can highly recommend this nursing home. I do not think there are any better ones. At least I have not seen any when I had to visit several of my elderly friends.

Marianne G.

Google Review

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